Meteksan Sistem / Finansbank Sistem Office Building

Finansbank-Meteksan Office Building is positioned in a triangular shaped property plot to the northern corner of Bilkent Technopark. Two separate wing shaped office groups envisaged to act as separate units were designed parallel to the perpendicular sides of the triangular plot. The L shaped building mass defines a backyard. The office wings have been positioned in levels conforming to the inclination of the terrain. It was aimed in the project to evaluate the special scenery brought about by the positioning of the property, as visual unifying factors between the exterior facades and those of the courtyard, for all the employees to enjoy.

Both wings of the office building have been defined by travertine coated shear walls; the building mass has acquired movement with the placing of fire escape stairs between these shear walls at extremities. The balconies forming the facades of the office space above the ground level, form frame projections of exposed concrete from the travertine coated shear walls; the facades of the offices behind the balconies are completely covered in glass. These offices open on to scenery spanning the Bilkent woods and reaching to the Ankara and Beytepe Campus of Hacettepe University. Metal sun-breakers have been placed in the western direction within the balcony frames.


Bilkent Cyberpark, Ankara

Hüseyin Bütüner, Hilmi Güner, Özgül Çetin, Kevser Çakan, Nesrin Kılınç, Burcu Bilgenoğlu, Cem Korkmaz, Cansın Kunter

Bilkent Cyberpark INC

Main Building: Meteksan Sistem INC. Construction Group
Annex Building: Bilbak INC.

Main Building: 8.000 m²
Annex Building: 2.500 m²

Main Building: July 2006 – November 2006
Annex Building: January 2016 – July 2016

Main Building: March 2007 – September 2007
Annex Building: February 2017 – December 2017