About Us

Hüseyin Bütüner founded his practice ARTI Tasarım in 1992, for which he produced many significant projects until rebranding as BUTUNER in 2008. Within these 24 years; the company has established a good reputation for architecture and interior design. The team of Bütüner is also specialized on urban design and landscape architecture in a wide range of scales. The portfolio of Bütüner includes mostly educational buildings, research centers, residences, cultural centers and urban parks. 

Bütüner aims at producing a modern architectural language by interpreting traditional and local values with an enthusiastic and dynamic team of architects, interior architects and landscape designers. Bütüner emphasizes the unity of creativity and originality for attaining a long term architectural approach.The combination of innovative technologies with the local and traditional values plays an important role in the main approach of the company. In generating permanent and unique solutions for design problems, Bütüner contributes to environmental sustainability and considers contextual values. Bütüner establishes contact with and maintains its relationships within the architectural platforms by attending national and international competitions, conferences and exhibitions.