Ziraat Bank Erenköy Building

Ziraat Bank (Agriculture Bank) Erenköy building will be constructed on a property on the Atatürk Boulevard, in Istanbul’s Sahra-i Cedit district. There are residential blocks at both sides, and qualified open areas formed by the backyards of surrounding buildings at the southern end of the property. The construction of an original building representing the institutional identity of the Ziraat Bank, and a fresh interpretation of the urban context of the property on which it sits, as a contribution to public space was envisaged in the design.

The Erenköy Building is a high-rise, with the bank branch occupying the first two floors, bank offices on the following six floors and social functions like meeting halls and cafeteria on the two top floors; in addition there are two basements. This triple separation in the section was reflected on the overall mass of the building, designed as differentiating levels from the bottom towards the top.  Apart from representing the bank branch, the level that was formed on the second floor of the building defines the scale of urban space in the   form an entrance space.  The second level on the eighth floor unites the office spaces below, while creating at the same time, a terrace area for social functions.


Sahrayı Cedit, Erenköy, İstanbul


Hüseyin Bütüner, Hilmi Güner, Kamer Sağlam, Deniz Esen, Aysun Erkekel, Kevser Çakan, Sevdil Aydoğan 

Ziraat Bankası İnşaat Emlak Dairesi




Ocak 2005 – Mart 2006


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