Atakule GYO Office Building

Atakule GYO Office building is located at two adjacent narrow plots facing parallel streets in GOP district of central Ankara. As articulated by the zoning plan, both parcels had to be furnished by four storey buildings to complement the prevailing building stock of the district. While the block at the larger plot, facing the elevated and more residential Borazan Street had to be detached from its neighbors; the block at the smaller plot, facing the lower and more commercialized Arjantin Street had to be adjacent.  

The project is developed to make best use of the backyards of both plots, in order to unify two buildings both visually and functionally. While the buildings are connected at their basement levels, they extend separately at their respective plots in accordance with the legal setbacks. Due to compact dimensions of both blocks, circulation and service areas are packed along thin slices, rendering office and gathering areas under single spans free of structural elements.

The street levels of both façades are articulated with dark and recessed materials. Office floors above are framed with white GRC panels with clear vertical accentuation. The curtain wall glazing system placed behind this frame coalesces with the sky along the eaves, thanks to its recessed position and slender profiles.

In return, the project creates an intricate scheme of urban architecture in spite of its modest size with confluent layers of public, communal and private use. The client, Atakule GYO has moved its headquarters into the smaller block on Arjantin Street, while keeping the larger block on Borazan Street as a multi-tenant office building.


Çankaya, Ankara

Hüseyin Bütüner, Deniz Özçelik, Işıl Sencar Ertosun, Cem Korkmaz, Özlem Özdener, Özge Karaman, Burcu Bilgenoğlu Umur, Alp Diker, Cenk Çeşmeli, Tülin Munzur

Atakule GYO

4N Yapı


August 2015 – February 2016

April 2016 -  May 2018