ITU – TRNC Education and Research Campus

The project is developed not only to extend the institutional erudition and tradition of Istanbul Technical University to Famagusta, but also to create a setting for such ideals in a locally concerned understanding, with planning and architectural principles directly derived from and applied for Cyprus. The close ratio between site area and building program is interpreted into a homogeneously distributed figure ground composition, aimed to achieve a sustainable density of use throughout the campus. This urban design model extends open and semi open space network into a diffuse grid which encourages social encounters between students, lecturers and alike. Educational and research facilities are also interpreted in a holistic manner with respect to the ideals of ITU. Every building phase is developed to have the same levels of complexity and completeness as the campus whole. Architectural expression is developed considering climatic conditions of Cyprus into an urban scale structural compound; in which a network of frames characterizes the appearance of the built environment, rather than individual building blocks.


Famagusta, Cyprus

Hüseyin Bütüner, Namık Günay Erkal, Işıl Sencar, Turan Türkal, Elif Karaelmas, Deniz Özçelik, Deniz Hıdıroğlu, Erman Berkay, Seçil Binboğa

Presidency of Istanbul Technical University TRNC Campus 


July 2011 – August 2011