Bilkent University Electrical and Electronic
Engineering Department Building

The building is located at a narrow, highly inclined plot at the eastern ridge of main campus. The high slope and intense building program required a highly compact building mass, in which a square plan with a central courtyard offers both interior and exterior spaces for common use. The building program consisting of highly variable space requirements was laid out around this social core.

The building, by employing a similar architectural language, aims to blend in with other structures of Bilkent campus without standing out in terms of its relatively high vertical disposition. In this respect, the higher street side entrance is provided with a highly accentuated entrance porch, whose giant order helps reduce building scale. Three floors are stacked underneath the street level, taking full advantage of slope. These lower floors have their secondary entrances on where they connect with the topography.

Faculty rooms are on the building wing facing the valley and classrooms are on the remaining three. As the main building circulation is primarily around the central courtyard, users may establish visual relationships between floors while effortlessly familiarizing with building form and layout. The transparent treatment of courtyard façades helps take in daylight to the innermost core, while also acting as a much needed secondary ventilation surface in a very compact and robust building form.

Bilkent University Main Campus, Ankara

Hüseyin Bütüner, Hilmi Güner, Kevser Çakan, Burcu Bilgenoğlu, Sevdil Aydoğan

Presidency of Bilkent University

Tepe Construction Industry INC


September 2006 – January 2007

May 2007 – December 2008