Food Court Building

The Food Court, proposed to create a social interface between Cyberpark and Bilkent University forest, is planned to house restaurants, shops and student clubs. The project is designed with the aim of uniting differing circulations and approaches within the context of the proximate structures and the surrounding landscape. A wholesome expression on the Cyberpark front is realized conforming with the narrow and long form of the land, while a fragmented mass arrangement with independent units is sought for the side of the forest. 

An internal street, a main circulation axis extending from the entrance at the University corner, all the way down to the open car park has been created on the first level where shops and restaurants will be opened. The second floor, which will take shape as a gallery along the internal street, is at an altitude of 6.50 meters from the ground, conjoining the open air public places of the Cyberpark with a covered footbridge over the vehicle road separating the two plots. The elevation formed between the two principle levels of the Food Court, is divided into mezzanines, which may be used by student clubs and restaurant units independently.


Bilkent University, Ankara

Hüseyin Bütüner, Hilmi Güner, Namık Erkal, Deniz Esen, Sevdil Aydoğan

Cyberpark A.Ş.

Meteksan Sistem A.Ş.


January 2006 - September 2006